Crested Gecko vs Gargoyle Gecko: Know the Difference

Those who want to bring home a gecko but are not able to decide which one to bring, we understand you! 

Crested Gecko and Gargoyle gecko are the two most preferred pet species of lizards. But often it is hard to tell apart their unique traits and characteristics. 

But when you are looking for a perfect pet, you must understand their traits and personalities so that you can be prepared. 

When it comes to crested geckos and gargoyle geckos, the main difference is in their demeanor. Crested geckos are usually more active and calm, which makes them great beginner-friendly pets. Whereas gargoyle geckos tend to be more aggressive and reactive. Crested geckos are also cheaper than gargoyle geckos. 

Despite these characteristic differences, certain other key differences between these geckos make them unique.

Crested Gecko Vs Gargoyle Gecko Comparison Table

Points of Difference Crested Gecko Gargoyle Gecko 
Lifespan 15-20 years15 years
Weight (adult geckos)Upto 55 gmUpto 80 gm
Coloration Bright red, orangeVivid earth tones like browns, yellows, and creams.
Size5-8 inches8-9 inches
ActivityQuite active and jumpyLess active and calm

Crested Gecko vs Gargoyle Gecko: Basic Differences that Make them Unique

Crested Gecko vs Gargoyle Gecko

The crested gecko and gargoyle gecko both originate from east of Australia from a place called New Caledonia, both belonging to the genus Correlophus

These geckos are arboreal and are found mainly in rainforests. 

Over the years, these two species of geckos have become so popular that they are now interbred at a large rate to make them available in various parts of the world. 

Due to their popularity, it has now become easy to adopt them even in countries like the USA and colder regions like Europe. 

Because these species of geckos are quite similar, it is hard to differentiate between the two if you are not an expert. 

But the most important differences between the two are their weight and temperament. While adult crested geckos tend to weigh up to 55 grams, gargoyle geckos can weigh up to 80 grams. 

Crested geckos have a more juvenile, vibrant, and excited demeanor while gargoyle geckos tend to be calmer and laidback.

Other than this, crested geckos are more friendly with other crested geckos, while gargoyle geckos tend to have an aggressive disposition. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of keeping two gargoyles in one tank, be prepared to witness some fights. 

Crested gecko vs Gargoyle Gecko: Differences Explained One by One 

Weight and Size

Crested Gecko on weighing scale

Crested Gecko: Crested geckos are usually lighter than gargoyle geckos. They weigh about 2 grams upon hatching, are 15 grams as a juvenile, and weigh about 55 grams as an adult. Size-wise, crested geckos grow up to 5-8 inches and are also called Eyelash geckos, thanks to their eyelash-looking crests that give them a unique appearance.

Gargoyle Gecko: Gargoyle geckos tend to weigh heavier than crested geckos. Upon hatching they are about 3 grams and as adults, they weigh 80 grams. They grow up to 9 inches as adults. Gargoyle geckos are also called New Caledonian bumpy geckos and are medium-sized lizards with large bulky eyes. 

They tend to grow longer than crested geckos and are also heavier than their eyelash counterparts. 

Appearance and Colors

Crested Gecko: The most unique feature of crested geckos is their long crests resting above their eyes which makes for their distinguished feature. These geckos are usually found in beige and brown colors but the breeders have recently bred them in unique ways resulting in yellow and red varieties of crested geckos. 

Currently, yellow and deep orange crested geckos are the most popular. When it comes to crested geckos, you will find them in various morphs and patterns, such as spotted, scaly, rough, jagged patterns, etc. 

Gargoyle Gecko: Gargoyle geckos come in vibrant colors and patterns and you will also come across various morphs and patterns too. Their natural, earth-toned shades blend in beautifully with their habitat and tend to be more in tune with the colors of their surroundings. 

These species naturally come in a lot of different hues such as oranges, yellows, reds, beige, creams, whites, etc. 

Personality and Behavior 

Crested Gecko vs Gargoyle Gecko Personality and Behavior

Crested Gecko: Cresties tend to have a great disposition that makes them a popular choice amongst novice and newbie reptile owners. Their friendly, witty, curious, and active personalities make them interesting pets that can liven up the energy of your space. They like to live alone.

Crested geckos tend to be quite alert, reactive, and inquisitive of their surroundings. They are also low maintenance and their behavior is mostly monotonous and predictable. Owners won’t have a hard time keeping them happy. They expect nothing more than some love and attention and they also get along moderately well with other crested geckos. 

Gargoyle Gecko: Gargoyle geckos are calmer and less reactive as compared to their crested counterparts. They are usually hard to spot during the day, being nocturnal just like cresties. But while crested geckos are active, gargoyle geckos usually don’t jump around out of curiosity and take a long time exploring their surroundings. They have a more laid-back demeanor.

Gargoyle geckos tend to be more aggressive and cohabitation with other gargoyles is not easy for them. They get quite reactive and impulsive if you place them with other gargoyles in the same enclosures. 

Even though they are more aggressive than crested geckos, they are not necessarily aggressive to their owners. They carry a very pleasant disposition and are also affectionate towards their owners. 

To have a better understanding of gargoyles, watch this video: 


Old Gargoyle Gecko

Crested Gecko: Crested geckos are a long-term responsibility as they live up to 15 years on average in enclosures if given proper care and diet. In rare cases, they can live up to 20 years or more but this is highly dependent on genetic factors and the quality of care given to them. 

Gargoyle Gecko: Just like a crested gecko, gargoyle geckos too are a long-term responsibility with an average lifespan of 15 years in captivity. Both crested and gargoyle live for almost the same amount of time and the lifespans of both depend on many factors. 

Pro Tip
Before buying a reptile, carefully research its lifespan and compare it with its counterparts. This will prepare you in advance and give you an idea of how many years of emotional and financial investment your pet will require. 


Crested Gecko: Crested geckos are omnivorous species and require a healthy mix of both insects (mealworms, dubia roaches, etc.) and fruit supply. Powdered diets like Repashy mixed with ample water make for a great meal for them. You can check out this powdered mix for geckos that makes for a healthy meal. Make sure you feed them with bouts of fruits to give them an ample supply of antioxidants. 

Gargoyle Gecko: Just like crested geckos, gargoyle geckos are also omnivorous and thrive on fruits and insects diet. The most convenient and healthy choice for gecko owners is Repashy mix or powdered meals that can be mixed with water to prepare a smoothie or slurry-like consistency meal that is not only nutritious but also filling. 

Apart from this make sure to give your geckos Vitamin D3 supplement to aid bone health in them. You can check out this Vitamin D supplement that will take care of your gecko’s bone health. 

Pro Tip
Keeping a powdered mixture handy is always convenient. You just need to mix it up with water and your gecko’s meal is ready!

Which One is More Expensive? 

Vibrant red Gargoyle Gecko on tree trunk

Both crested geckos and gargoyle geckos are readily available in the States and therefore are affordable. 

As compared to other pet reptiles, these species are neither overly cheap nor too expensive. They fall in the decently priced category with crested geckos priced at usually $40 – $100.

But when it comes to their price comparison, gargoyle geckos are more expensive because of their vibrant colors and unique personalities. Experts say that they are also not as readily available as compared to crested geckos. 

Gargoyle geckos can be bought at a rate of $40 – $200. Some sellers sell them at a higher rate while others, at a lower, so make sure you do a proper investigation before making your decision.


Which Are Rare? Crested Gecko Or Gargoyle Gecko?    

In recent years, the breeding of both these species is being carried out at an intensive rate to fulfill the rise in demand in the markets. But when it comes to rarity, gargoyle geckos are rare than crested geckos, found only on a small island in Australia, and are therefore more expensive than crested geckos. 

Which Is More Friendly? 

Both the crested geckos and gargoyle geckos are affectionate toward their owners. However, crested geckos are more friendly with strangers while gargoyle geckos usually take some time to open up with an unknown person. 

Final Verdict

If you are on a hunt to find a perfect gecko species and are confused between crested and gargoyle geckos, then there are certain things you should know before making a decision.

The main difference between the two species is in their weight, size, and demeanor. Crested geckos are smaller and lighter than gargoyle geckos and are also more active, curious, and exuberant. 

Other than this, both these species have pretty much the same requirements when it comes to their diet and care. 

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