Can Crested Geckos Live Together? (Roommates or Rivals)

Crested geckos are independent creatures and do not like to be bothered. Many reptile owners wonder if they should keep their crested geckos in the same enclosure. While cohabitating with two crested geckos sounds fun, it comes with its own set of challenges. This article will discuss the various pros and cons of keeping two crested geckos together and how to make your pet’s environment safe and comfortable.

Crested geckos can live together if you are housing two females together. You can even keep multiple females with a male crested gecko. Two or more male crested geckos should never be placed inside the same enclosure.

In general, crested geckos are solitary animals and prefer to live alone. Attempting to house many crested geckos can lead to territorial aggression, dangerous injuries, or even death. This behavior is prominent during the mating season when two male geckos might try to establish dominance over a female or the enclosure.

Juvenile geckos can be kept together when they are growing up. Just make sure there is enough room inside the enclosure. You should also provide your crested gecko with enough hiding spots in case they want to be left alone. Many pet breeders also like to pair their crested geckos together, where they will keep a male and a female gecko inside the same enclosure.

How to House Your Crested Geckos Safely?

can crested geckos live together

Unlike your other pets, crested geckos like to live alone and in isolation. Crested geckos rarely seek interaction and prefer to cross paths when looking for a mate. Ideally, you should never house multiple crested geckos inside the same tank. But if you decide to do so, there is one golden rule you must follow. 

You should never keep two or more male crested geckos together. Multiple geckos in the same enclosure can harm or injure each other. Male crested geckos will fight each other over dominance over a female or the enclosure. This can lead to stress, discomfort, and injuries for your pets.

To house your crested geckos safely, you should keep a pair of male and female geckos together. You can also get multiple females and one male if you have a larger tank. Many pet owners are also successful in keeping a small group of females together, but it also comes with its own set of challenges.

Although, the ideal way to keep a crested gecko is by giving it a separate tank. You should provide your crested geckos with a safe and comfortable environment. Putting them in a hostile position will give them stress and discomfort. Keeping multiple geckos together might not be ideal,l but it does not make it impossible or wrong to house them together.

When Can Crested Geckos Live Together?

You can house two or more crested geckos together if you are selective about who you pair them up with. Here is a list of pairings that you can consider to keep your crested geckos safe.

Two or More Females

two female crested geckos

Female crested geckos are good at forming a hierarchy amongst themselves and will not fight for territory like male geckos. While keeping multiple female geckos, you do not have to worry about them fighting as they tend to live peacefully. Keeping multiple females in the same enclosure is safe till you provide them with the right environment.

Editor’s Note
While keeping multiple female crested geckos you should make sure that you keep them in a big enclosure. Provide them with enough food and water so they can live peacefully together.

One Male and Multiple Females

Keeping one male and multiple females is the best approach to housing multiple crested geckos. One male and multiple female pairing will not cause any aggression or territorial fighting amongst crested geckos. Just make sure they get enough space inside the enclosure and you give them a well-balanced diet. 

The male crested gecko will also not try to establish dominance and will mate with the female geckos happily in the breeding season. Having multiple males with a female gecko will lead to aggression and might also cause serious injuries to your pets.

Baby Crested Geckos

Baby and juvenile crested geckos are less aggressive than compared to adults. Young geckos love to socialize until there is enough space and food for them. They will not get aggressive about their territory and will not fight each other for dominance. Unlike adult geckos, you can pair multiple male and female baby geckos together.

They will live peacefully and establish harmony inside the enclosure. As they mature with time, you should give male geckos their own private space, as it might lead to conflict and fights. Female geckos can continue to live together when they are transitioning to adulthood.

Enclosure Size for Housing Multiple Crested Geckos

Crested Gecko PairingsEnclosure Size
Two females30 gallons
Three females50 gallons
Four Females60 gallons
Five Females75 gallons
Six Females90 gallons
Three females and one male80 gallons
Four females and one male90 gallons
Five females and one male125 gallons
Two males400+ gallons (not recommended)

If you are housing multiple crested geckos together, you must pick the right size of the enclosure. Insufficient space can lead to conflicts and fighting amongst your pet geckos. A single crested gecko can comfortably live in a tank measuring 18” x 18” x 24”. Anything more than one male or female will need a bigger tank.

Keeping multiple geckos will also require you to keep multiple feeding areas so all the crested geckos have access to enough food and water. You should also make sure that all the crested geckos living in pairs get enough hiding space and branches to live comfortably.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Keeping Crested Geckos Together?

Crested geckos prefer to stay alone and are independent creatures. If you are thinking about pairing your crested geckos, there is a list of advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of. Here are a few pros and cons of keeping crested geckos together.

Pros of Keeping Crested Geckos Together

two crested geckos in one enclosure


Young crested geckos love to socialize and thrive in the presence of other geckos. By housing your crested geckos together, they can interact and engage in natural behaviors. Multiple crested geckos can participate in mating and basking together. Juvenile geckos love to hunt together, and this can help them develop a great bond.


One of the pros of keeping multiple crested geckos in the same enclosure is that it can be space effective. Just keep a large tank, and you will save up on so much living space. Saving on enclosure space can be extremely beneficial for those who want to house multiple geckos with limited space.


Pairing multiple geckos together can prove to be cost-effective. You do not have to pay for multiple pieces of equipment and supplies. Heating lamps and UVB lighting are essential for a gecko’s growth, keeping them in a large tank can help them share this equipment. Although, you should always make sure that there is enough hiding space in the tank and that all the pets are getting enough food and water.

Cons of Keeping Crested Geckos Together

stressed crested gecko

Aggression and Territorial Behavior

If you are housing two crested geckos together, they might try to obtain dominance in the enclosure. This can lead to aggression and territorial behavior, which can cause injuries to your pet. You should never keep two male crested geckos together as they will end up in a dispute, bite each other, or even kill each other.

Stress and Anxiety

Keeping multiple crested geckos in the same enclosure can cause discomfort for your pet. Housing multiple geckos lead to insufficient space for your pet, which can be a cause of stress and anxiety for them. Stress and anxiety can cause a series of health problems for your pet. You should provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. Stress can also weaken your pet’s immune system and cause health issues for your pet.

Disease Transmission

One of the major cons of housing multiple crested geckos together is the increased risk of disease transmission. Male crested geckos might bite or injure each other which makes them prone to various illnesses. You should always quarantine your pets before shifting them with your other pets.

Feeding Issues

Male crested geckos might try to establish dominance over food and water. This can cause malnourishment in your pets and lead to major health concerns. You should provide your crested geckos with separate feeding spaces for them to get a well-balanced diet. You should also clean their water container after every feeding session, as it is easier for them to spread diseases when they live together.

Housing Difficulties

It is always hard to give all your crested geckos a healthy and comfortable environment. This might lead to housing difficulties and become a cumbersome task for you. While keeping multiple crested geckos, you have to keep check of their temperature requirement and humidity levels. 

Crested geckos might also fight over their basking spot. You should provide your pets with a large tank and give them enough space to hide in. This will keep your pet geckos happy and comfortable.

Tips for Keeping Crested Geckos Together Safely

Pairing crested geckos together can be a tedious task, and it comes with its own set of challenges. Here are five tips to house multiple crested geckos together safely.

Provide Adequate Space

crested gecko enclosure

You should always provide your crested geckos with enough space, or it might lead to stress or aggression. Multiple crested geckos can not live in the same enclosure if there is insufficient space. Crested geckos will try and establish territorial dominance over each other which leads to injuries or even death.

If you decide to pair your crested geckos you should provide them with a large tank to live in. A single crested gecko needs a tank of at least 18” x 18” x 24” to live comfortably. While housing multiple geckos you should buy a tank of at least 60-70 gallons.

Pay Attention to Gender

You should never pair two male crested geckos together in the same enclosure. Male geckos will get aggressive over territory and will cause each other injuries. This behavior is most common during the mating season.

Keeping multiple female geckos is a better way of keeping crested geckos safely together. You can even pair a single male with multiple females without worrying about aggression.

Provide Plenty of Hiding Places

crested gecko enclosure with hiding spots

Hiding spaces are crucial for your crested geckos. While keeping crested geckos together you should provide them with enough space to live and breed in. Not having enough hiding spaces can lead to stress and discomfort in your pet.


Do crested geckos get lonely?

No, crested geckos do not feel lonely. Crested geckos are docile creatures who prefer to live independently. While male and female crested geckos might cross paths during the mating seasons.

Can a crested and leopard gecko live together?

No, Crested and leopard geckos are different species and can not cohabitate. Crested and leopard geckos have different temperature and humidity requirements and thus require separate tanks to live in.

Final Thoughts

Crested geckos are independent creatures who prefer to live alone. If you decide to house multiple crested geckos inside the same enclosure, make sure you are choosing the right pair. You should never keep two male crested geckos in the same enclosure, as it might lead to disputes and injuries. Make sure you have a large tank with a lot of hiding space so your crested geckos can live in peace and comfort.

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