Types of Gecko – The ULTIMATE Guide to Gecko Species

There are more than 1500 species of Geckos found around the world. Geckos are very pleasant and docile pets. They are fun and full of personality. Today, I am going to share my experience with these 15 geckos. Let’s look at the fun little lizards and how good they are as pets!  

African – fat TailedGolden-brown bodies with white splotches on their tails15-20 years$50
Chinese cave Black or dark brown colored, with bright yellow stripes10 years$125
Common HouseVaries from green cream to  pure white5-8 years$10
Crested Light blue, green, and brown with orange/black spots.15-20 years$50
Gargoyle Weathered gray stone 15-20 years$100-200
Giant Leaf Tailed Brownish green mossy color 7-10 years$250-500
Gold Dust Bright green with a red drop pattern10 years or more$70
LeopardBright-yellow dotted with dark spots.15-25 years$25-50
TokayRed, green, and brown Up to 10 years$20-50
Frog EyedYellow-tan and sometimes white with mottled brown.20 years$50-80
Leachie Mottled brown, green, and yellow.15-20 years$600–1000
Madagascar Ground Red, green, and brown 6-10 years$25-100
Yellow Headed DayFour inches long and vivid bright neon stripes.10 years$150
Mediterranean House Purple to tan with dark spots and large round eyes.5-10 years$30
ChahouaRed, green and browns 20 years$2000

List of the Top 15 Geckos

types of gecko

Giant sized Geckos 

Leachie gecko

Leachie gecko being held by owner

Leachianus is one of the largest pet geckos. They can grow to over a foot long. But mostly they grow under 8 inches only. These are often known as New Caledonian Giant Geckos. They are better for experienced households and not for beginners. 

Leachies are often remembered for their distinct vocalizations. They produce sounds similar to barking. They grow at night as they are nocturnal. 

They are not fitted at beginners’ houses. They require time and experienced hands. Because of their size and personality traits, they need a lot of attention. They are more expensive than other geckos, as they cost around 1000 dollars. Their life span is around 20 years. They need huge spaces to live in. 


Tokay gecko on owner's arm

Tokay geckos are one of the largest types of geckos with sizes differing from 10 – 12 inches. They are known for their vibrant colors and spots. They are found in parts of Asia and the Pacific regions. Their personality is somewhat aggressive and therefore not suggested for beginners to have them as pets. 

They make a unique sound which often seems like to-Kay! to-Kay! and that is how they were named. Tokay geckos are mostly active during the night and sleep throughout the day. 

If you are thinking of housing Tokay Geckos then never put male geckos together. Make sure that your tank has a secure lid. These are strong geckos and might try to escape from the tank. The temperature of the tank shall be kept at 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at night. You can use a Reptile Terrarium thermometer for this purpose. 

Giant Leaf-Tailed

Giant Leaf-Tailed Gecko on tree branch

The Giant Leaf Tailed gecko is a stunning specimen and very fascinating creature. It takes its name from the leaf-shaped tail which helps it from hiding in the bushes. Their size differs from 10-12 inches. These are not for newbies to keep as pets. These geckos are hard to find and spend most of their time getting off from the eyes of predators. For these reasons, you’ll find them panicked and startled most of the time.

If you are keeping them as pets, you should adopt a look at them but don’t touch mentality. They are masters in hide and seek.  However, they are very docile and can be kept in pairs or trios. Refrain from keeping two male geckos together as it may make them aggressive.


Chahoua Gecko on owner's hand

Chahoua Geckos are good at adapting their colors to their surroundings. This helps them hide from their hunters and also to confuse their prey. These geckos are found in red, green, and brown colors. They are called Chahoua because of their scientific name Rhacodactylus chahoua. They are large and go up to 10 inches. 

They are also known as, New Caledonian Mossy Prehensile-Tailed, and Chewie. Chahoua Geckos are very low-maintenance pets. They have a healthy appetite and they can eat commercially packaged gecko foods. 

These are very friendly pets and enjoy occasional handling. They can be jumpy if they are not handled as juveniles. They love to see outside of their tanks and can engage you with their activities. One crucial fact about these geckos is that they are way much more expensive than other geckos. A Juvenile Gecko can be bought for $2000.


close-up of Leopard Gecko

These geckos are the most fun and easygoing. They are always smiling and have a vibrant personality. They are also the most popular pet lizards. They are warm to human beings and very quickly make adorable pets. Their distinctive bright yellow color dotted with dark spots gives them the name Leopard. Their size varies from 7-10 inches. 

These geckos are originally from the middle east range of the desert of Afghanistan. They spend their daytime hiding in shady areas. 

As pets, they are easy to handle and very docile. The temperature of their tank shall range from 86-92 degrees Fahrenheit.  They must be given a clean water bowl and a humid hide. These geckos also have the highest lifespan ranging from 15-25 years

Leopard Geckos thrive when they have live plants in their enclosure. These plants control the humidity of the enclosure and become excellent hiding places that help your reptile feel safe and comfortable.

Editor’s Note
The Leopard geckos are very friendly and happy pets. Their highest lifespan makes them the best companion for you.

African – Fat Tailed 

African - Fat Tailed Gecko on green background

The African Fat-tailed Geckos are the ideal geckos for any beginner pet keeper. These are the Leopard gecko’s relaxed cousins. They are identical in shape and have large fat strong tails. Sometimes, you might also get confused between a leopard and an African fat Tailed. 

They are also colored with brown splotches and a white dorsal line, instead of being yellow with black spots. The African Tailed Gecko has around 8 inches of body. They live in dry and humid grassland areas.

The African Fat-tailed geckos have a very relaxed and friendly personality. They do most of their hunting at night. They are very docile and comfortable with handling. They are easy to find in the United States region. The temperature shall be between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit

Mid Sized Geckos


Gargoyle Gecko on branch

These species are also known as Knob-headed geckos. They have a distinct diamond-shaped heads with bony lumps behind their ears. Their sizes differ from 7 to 9 inches. Their body texture is weathered gray and tan stone. They have shy and reserved personality traits. They do not have amiable personalities but they grow over you with time. 

They are not for children and are best suited for adult keepers. They need patience and time for socializing. 

They have big wide eyes and wide toe pads. They need the temperature to be around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not require a lot of tank space. Baby geckos shall be fed a specially prepared crested diet and insects twice a week. Whereas the adult geckos shall be fed the same diet twice a week and insects once a week. 

Chinese cave

Chinese Cave Gecko

Chinese Cave geckos are shy and somewhat timid. They have black or dark brown bodies with bright yellow stripes. The size of these geckos is around 8.5 inches. They are from the Chinese island of Hainan and spend most of their time hiding among rocks and caves. They are not for beginners and require experienced pet keepers. 

They are not much comfortable with handling as compared to other friendly geckos. Chinese caves have slim, triangular-shaped heads. 

They are nearly a threatened species because of their high demand in the pet trade industry. These geckos need to be fed 5-10 insects daily. They have a lifespan of 10 years. They are very sensitive creatures and like it cool. So, the temperature there shall not be more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Crested Gecko on green leaf

There is a miracle history connected with this gecko. They were thought to be extinct until they were re-discovered in 1994 on the islands of New Caledonia. Their size differs from 6-10 inches. These geckos are great pets for beginners and are somewhat similar to the gargoyles. They are very popular and easily available. They need gentle and consistent handling to get comfortable with you.

These geckos have triangular heads, skinny tails, and wide toe pads. They have a vibrant golden brown color with white splotches on their tails. They change their colors as per their mood.

These are often known as eyelash geckos because of a little protrusion that looks like an eyelash. They need 85-78 degrees Fahrenheit to live in a tank. Crested geckos are omnivores and enjoy fruit, nectar, and insects. 

Smallest in Size 

Gold Dust Day Geckos

Gold Dust Day Geckos on log

Gold Dust Day geckos are one of the very few geckos which are active during the day. That is why their name contains the word Day. They are full of entertainment and love to run in their enclosures, just as they would run in the forests. They are from northern Madagascar. Their keepers can watch them hunting and moving with full enjoyment.

These are smaller in size and only differ from 4.5 – 6 inches.  Gold Dust Geckos are scared of human contact and might not be easy to handle. They are best for experienced keepers. 

These geckos are bright green colored with red drops on their backs towards their tail. They look like they have been dusted in gold and thus their name. Their tails are almost of the same length as their bodies. They can be kept in a tank with humidity being 60-70%. They are big eaters and can get obese quickly. The adult geckos shall be fed five crickets every few days. 

Editor’s Note
As attractive as they might look, they are not one for Human Handling. Avoid keeping them if you love to handle your pets. 

Common House Gecko

Common House Gecko

The Common House Geckos as the name suggests has invaded all over the world. Because of their tough body and easy reproduction, they have the largest population and can be found anywhere in America, Europe, and Asia. They are easy to take care of and do not need much attention. These geckos are just as quick and skittish as day geckos, but cannot be handled. 

Common house types often look like a combination of a leachie and a gargoyle. Their size differs from 3-6 inches. They are pale in color but can change in tone from a green cream to almost pure white. They are also nocturnal so your best chance of seeing them active is when the lights are turned off at night. 

They often change color to protect themselves from harsh light during the day. They need an ambient temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Frog – Eyed Gecko

Frog - Eyed Gecko

The Frog Eyed Gecko has large wide eyes which look like the frog which gives it the name. They look very similar to the Leopard Gecko. They have yellow tan and white colored bodies with no mottled spots of brown and tan. It covers their backside and the top of their head. Their size differs from 5-8 inches. They have a curious nature and they love to watch things from afar.

These geckos are from central Asia. They prefer to live in a hot and dry climate. Keep a temperature between 84 – 93 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them happy. You need to be patient to keep this species as a pet. They do not love to be handled. It stresses them and might lead to losing their tail. They are not low maintenance as other species. 

Madagascar Ground Gecko

Madagascar Ground Gecko

Those who own a Madagascar ground Gecko love them for their unique color patterns. They have a brick-red body with auburn eyes. They are often known by other names like ocelot, panther, and ground. These are a great choice for beginners. 

There are around 22 sub-species of a Madagascar ground gecko. They are very small and measure only 5 inches as an adult. They do not require a tall tank to climb in. They also tolerate handling which makes them a good choice for owners who love handling their pets. 

Yellow-Headed Day Gecko

Yellow-Headed Day Gecko hiding on leaves

The Yellow Headed Day gecko is a member of the day species family and makes a great pet. The day geckos are very entertaining and are easy to cake. They are brightly colored and a great choice for beginners. They are slim in size and have bright neon stripes. They have good social behavior with other lizards. It is also possible for them to house multiple female geckos. 

The adult geckos grow only to 4 inches of this species. But they need a large tank to show their energy and personality. This species is also from Madagascar, where it is very common to see them resting on a bamboo tree. This reptile can often be shy around people, but it is fun to keep a whole family of them together.  

They are protected in their natural habitat, so you can only get them from captive-bred species.

Mediterranean House gecko

Baby Mediterranean House Gecko on owner's hand

Mediterranean House geckos are from Southern Europe and Northern Africa. They have a purple to tan colored body with dark spots and large lidless eyes. They have large round eyes. These lizards are very small in size and differ from 4 to 5 inches only. They are very friendly with humans. 

They do not need much space and are happy living in a 20-gallon tank. These are often found living inside offices or houses. It is a great pet for beginners because they want to live in your house more than anything. 

These are carnivores and feed on insects, moths, small roaches, etc. They love to live with humans and are very comfortable doing so. Be assured, that they would be great first-time pets! 

Which of these is best to keep as a pet? 

Starting with the Mediterranean House Geckos, these are great first-time pets as they are small in size and friendly in nature. Along with being comfortable living in a house. 

Then comes the Yellow Headed Day gecko! The most fascinating thing about this species is that it is awake and active in the daytime. This makes it the perfect pet for you as you can spend time looking at it and observing its activities.

The Madagascar Ground Gecko, let’s face it if you are keeping a pet, you would want to handle it as much as you can. This gecko is perfect for such a situation. It tolerates handling which most of the geckos do not!

Crested, these geckos also love handling on occasion and do not need much care. These traits make them easy for you to have as pets. 

African fat Tailed Geckos, are very docile and comfortable with humans. They are an idol’s first pet for beginners. Avoid choosing geckos with aggression and indecisive moods.  

All these geckos are best to be kept as pets. While choosing your pet gecko, you should keep in mind its nature and handling issues. Some geckos require more attention than others, this might affect your daily chores. So, before taking a decision, go through their profile once, and then make a reasoned decision. 


Are Geckos easy to handle and maintain as pets? 

Not all Geckos are low-maintenance pets. Some of them require more attention and time. If you are a beginner, then it is suggested to buy an easy-going gecko with fewer needs. 

Which size of gecko is easy to handle?

While handling does not depend upon the size but on the nature of the gecko. It would be easy to take on a small-sized gecko because they need smaller space to grow in. 


After going through this article, you are ready to choose your pet. You have all the information you need to make up your mind and find your most suitable gecko. Geckos are very fascinating creatures and prove to be good companions! 

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