What Does It Mean When A Bearded Dragon Licks You – [ANSWERED]

Many bearded dragon owners get confused when they get licked by their pets. Well, there are many reasons why bearded dragons do this. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the bearded dragon’s licks and why they do this.

Bearded dragons use their tongue to smell things. If your bearded dragon licks you, they are trying to smell you. If you have a great bond with your bearded dragon, it may try to smell you with its tongue to feel more comfortable. This helps them relax and feel safer.

Bearded dragons also have a keen sense of smell which helps them gather information from the environment. So when they are trying to lick their owners, they are trying to gather information regarding them. 

Your bearded dragon might also lick you to show their affection. A bearded dragon likes to grab your attention by licking and showing that it feels comfortable around you. Bearded dragons also lick their owners when they are stressed. 

Licking their owners help make them feel safer and calms them down. It would help if you tried to obtain the cause of the problem causing this discomfort and take action accordingly. Make sure they are living in the right environment and getting a well-balanced diet. 

Lastly, bearded dragons also like to obtain dominance by licking their owners. This is a common occurrence in male bearded dragons. Bearded dragons also lick each other to obtain dominance over the environment. If a bearded dragon is licking you aggressively it may be trying to dominate you.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Lick?

What does it mean when a Bearded Dragon licks you

Bearded dragons have an excellent sense of smell and taste. They also use their tongue to gather information about the environment. When a bearded dragon licks you, it helps them obtain information about its surroundings.

Bearded dragons have a special organ on the roof of their mouth. This organ is called Jacobson’s organ, this organ helps the beardie detect the chemical compounds in the air. Bearded dragons use this organ to detect pheromones. Animals use pheromones to communicate with each other.

Bearded dragons use this instinct to detect any potential predators around them. Male bearded dragons also lick surfaces to detect any female bearded dragons to mate with. This is the reason licking is seen more often in mating season. 

You should keep a check on their surroundings to get a hint of their licking behavior. Bearded dragons get a sense of their surroundings to help them stay calm. If you have a female bearded dragon licking you around the mating season, it might be looking at you as a potential candidate.

Reasons Why Bearded Dragon Licks You

Licking may be a way for your bearded dragon to bond with you. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is nothing to be scared of. Here are seven reasons why bearded dragons lick you.

Reason #1 – Curiosity

Curious Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are curious creatures and love to explore their surroundings. A way to get to know their surroundings a bit better is to lick you.

Bearded dragons can lick you out of curiosity. Licking will help them register your smell and all animals you have been around. Bearded dragons lick you to help them detect pheromones and get to know if you are a predator.

Bearded dragons licking their owners will help them gather information about them. Detecting your smell will also make them aware of your presence. If they smell you around they will run to the edge of the enclosure just to grab your attention. Licking also helps them identify if you are a potential food source. 

Reason #2 – Affection

Bearded Dragon licking owner's cheek

Bearded dragons are known for their love of petting and their attention-gaining tactics. One such behavior is licking their owners to seek affection.

Bearded dragons lick you to communicate their affection for you. If you have a strong bond with your beardie, they will get excited when you visit them and lick your fingers to show care. 

It is common for bearded dragons to lick their owner’s hands after the feeding session to express their gratitude. This is to show they feel comfortable and safe around you. You should try to spend more time with your beardie if they are trying hard to gain your attention.

Reason #3 – Stress Relief

Bearded dragons are known to get stressed or anxious easily. Some bearded dragons will lick their owners to get some stress relief.

Bearded dragons look up to their owners for safety and care. Licking might be a way to communicate stress in your bearded dragons. If your bearded dragon is licking you constantly, they are trying to express its discomfort and stress to you.

You should look for anything causing them trouble and get rid of the problem immediately. You should never ignore the factors causing them stress as this can lead to health and digestive issues.

Reason #4 – Dominance

Another reason why bearded dragons lick in general is to establish dominance. Constant licking can be a way to establish dominance in bearded dragons.

If a bearded dragon is licking you aggressively, it may be trying to establish dominance. This behavior is more common in male bearded dragons. Constant licking is a common way of establishing dominance for bearded dragons.

Your bearded dragon might do this with other bearded dragons or with you to establish more control. You should never put two bearded dragons inside the same tank.

Reason #5 – Environmental Exploration

Bearded Dragon licking flower

Bearded dragons might lick their surroundings to seek more information. Environment exploration is also a common reason for bearded dragons licking their surroundings.

If you place a new object inside the enclosure a bearded dragon might get curious and lick it. This will help them identify if it is edible or potential stress. Bearded dragons will try to understand things by licking them and acting accordingly.

Reason #6 – Taste

Bearded dragons also lick things as they have a strong sense of taste. Your pet will try to lick you to simply know how you taste. They might like how you taste and lick you from time to time.

This is a common sight after you have just fed your bearded dragon or touched any food items. Bearded dragons will try to taste the food items on your fingers and will simply enjoy doing so.

Reason #7 – Sign of Submission

Licking is also a sign of submission for your bearded dragons. Bearded dragons will lick you to show submission to you. Your pet is trying to show that it is comfortable around you and trusts you.

Bearded dragons also do this with other dragons, they do this to maintain peace, and usually typical in more submissive male dragons. Licking is an instinct and nothing to be scared about.

What Objects Bearded Dragons Like to Lick?

Bearded Dragon sitting on rocks

Bearded dragons are curious creatures and love to lick their surroundings. Licking helps them gain knowledge and get more information about the environment they live in. There is a list of things that bearded dragons like to lick.


Bearded dragons love to lick rocks. They like to enjoy the taste and texture of a rock. You should make sure that they do not accidentally eat small rocks while licking them, as this can cause a choking hazard. Rocks can also contain bacteria and chemical toxins so make sure you provide big clean rocks for your bearded dragons.

Human Skin

Bearded dragons also like to lick their owners. This is a common trait to acquire knowledge and get more comfortable with their owners. A bearded dragon will also try to lick you after a feeding session or if you have handled any food items lately.


Bearded dragons also like to lick the glass walls of their enclosure. They might want to eat something kept outside, and licking the glass is them trying to do that. However, licking the glass walls too much can be a visible sign of stress. Make sure nothing is bothering your bearded dragon and that they do not contain any health issues.


How do bearded dragons show affection?

Bearded dragons have many ways of showing affection. Your pet will bob its head and also try to lick you to show that they trust you and are comfortable around you. Waving is another way of showing affection to your bearded fellow.

Why does my bearded dragon stick his tongue out at me?

Bearded dragons try to lick you to show their affection toward you. They may also try to gather information about their surroundings or have tasted something nice on their fingers. Bearded dragons also lick their owners to show submission and establish that they feel safe around you.

Final Thoughts

Licking is a common habit in bearded dragons. Licking their owners can be a sign of trust, submission, or just trying to taste the food on your hands. Bearded dragons are curious creatures, and licking helps them gather information about the environment.

You should not feel scared or anxious when your pet beardie is trying to lick you. It is an instinct and nothing to be scared of.

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