How Old is My Leopard Gecko? A Guide to Determine Their Age

Did you ask the pet store how old the leopard gecko is? There are many ways to figure out an approximate age for a leopard gecko. Well, it is easier to tell the exact age after getting the birth details from the breeder. 

You can tell a leopard gecko’s approximate age by measuring its height and weight. You can also take the help of a leopard gecko age chart to make a better guess. Although this method is not foolproof, it will give you a great idea of your pet’s age.

In this article, we will discuss the various factors that will help you determine the age of your leopard gecko. 

Average Lifespan of a Leopard Gecko

Average Lifespan of a Leopard Gecko

An average leopard gecko can live up to 10 to 20 years. There have been cases that leopard geckos have lived up to 25 years. To get an idea of your pet’s age, you must look closely at its tail. When leopard geckos are younger, their tail is thick and long. But as they grow older, the tail shrinks and becomes thinner.

A fully grown leopard gecko should have a tail proportional to its size. And if your pet’s tail is longer or thicker, it is still young and needs to grow.

4 Methods to Know how Old Your Leopard Gecko Is

4 Methods to Know how Old Your Leopard Gecko Is

There are four main ways to tell a gecko’s age. You can rely on these ways to guess the approximate age of your loving pet.

Leopard Gecko Height 

Leopard Gecko Height 

One way to learn about your leopard gecko’s age is to measure its height. You can look at the Leopard gecko size chart to find their approximate age. But you should know that this method is only able to tell your pet’s age until it’s 18 months. After 18 months, it has grown into an adult, and its age can not be determined.

At Birth3 Inches3 Inches
1 Month4 Inches4 Inches
3 Months5 Inches5 Inches
6 Months 6 Inches6 Inches
9 Months7 Inches6 Inches
12 Months8 Inches7 Inches
18 Months11-12 Inches9-10 Inches

Although, this chart is made on generalization. But it will get you an approximate idea of your leopard gecko. The actual age shifts around from one leopard gecko to another. To get a good idea measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. 

You should not measure the tail, as leopard geckos tend to drop it off when they feel hostile. If they are very young they might not even have a tail.

Leopard Gecko Weight

Leopard Gecko Weight

You can also guess your leopard gecko’s age by measuring its weight. Sadly even this procedure can only tell a young gecko’s age. Although, weight can change with different factors and illnesses. And hence, the leopard gecko’s age by weight is wrong if your pet suffers from any condition.

At Birth5 Grams10 Grams
1 Month20 Grams20 Grams
3 Months30 Grams30 Grams
6 Months40 Grams40 Grams
9 Months50 grams45 Grams
12 Months65 Grams50 Grams
18 Months80 Grams70 Grams

It is not a legible way to tell a leopard gecko’s age by weight. As this method is less reliable than measuring their height which can not alter even if they are turning sick. You can also not use this method if they have matured into adulthood. 

Female leopard geckos also gain weight before pregnancy and while laying eggs. After laying the eggs they might also lose a lot of weight. Overfeeding is another factor that will hamper this method. 

Colors and Patterns

Colors and Patterns

The colors and patterns on your leopard geckos might also help you determine the age of your pet. Most adult leopard geckos have spotted bands rather than solid ones all over their bodies. Your leopard gecko is one year old if you don’t see any spots at all.

The color of their body also helps determine a leopard gecko’s age tremendously. At the time of birth, leopard geckos will have a very bright color. This color will fade with time as they step into adulthood. After adulthood, the fading of colors will continue. Leopard geckos add more yellow undertone to their color as they become adults.


The last way is to tell by how many times they shed their skin in a week. A young leopard gecko will shed their skin every one to two weeks. As the leopard gecko is growing rapidly it needs more space which leads to a lot of shedding. 

An adult leopard gecko will shed every four to eight weeks, as there is not much growing involved.

How Long Does It Take For A Leopard Gecko To Reach Its Full Size?

How Long Does It Take For A Leopard Gecko To Reach Its Full Size

Long answer short, it takes eighteen months for your leopard geckos to fully grow. Although this number is very generalized and every leopard gecko has their own pace and time. They will grow throughout their life but this does not involve their size specifically. As the size is very different from their age of sexual maturity.

Males reach the age of sexual maturity at ten months. Whereas females take a bit longer time and will reach it after one year. It is also possible to boost their growth by maintaining a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can place a heating lamp to promote the right environment for their growth.


Do leopard geckos change color as they get older?

Yes, leopard geckos change their color when they age. When a leopard gecko is young, it is much more vibrant and colorful. But as the pet ages, it starts to appear dull and yellow. This is all a part of a natural process and should not be worried about.

At what age is a leopard gecko fully grown?

It takes about 18 months for a leopard gecko to completely grow itself. They might be sexually mature at an earlier age, but that does not mean their bodies have stopped growing.


Leopard geckos are fully grown when they are 18 months old. You can also take an approximate guess of your pet’s age by measuring their height and weight. Looking at the height and weight charts above, you will get a good idea of your leopard gecko’s age. Although, the best way to know their age is to get the birth details from the breeder itself.

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