Best Enclosures for Ball Pythons (Top 5 Enclosures)

Ball pythons are exciting creatures and easy to care for. If you are a new owner, you might feel overwhelmed by the market’s enclosure options. There is a wide range of terrariums available for ball pythons. It is essential to choose an enclosure that meets all your needs and fits well in your budget.

Top 5 Best Enclosures for Ball Pythons

best enclosures for ball pythons
Carolina Custom Cages 36x18x18 TerrariumDimensions– 36x18x18 inches
Doors– Front opening doors
Locking System– Key-lock security
REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Glass TerrariumDimensions– 36x24x18 inches
Doors– Double-hinge doors
Feature– Raised bottom frame
Oiibo 67 Gallon Glass TerrariumDimensions– 48x18x18 inches
Doors– Sliding door
Feature– White frame
REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile TerrariumDimensions– 48x18x24 inches
Doors– Front sliding door
Features– Side ventilation
REPTI ZOO 100 Gallon Large Reptile TerrariumDimensions- 36x18x36 inchesFeature- Vertical terrariumDoors- Lockable doors

#1 – Carolina Custom Cages 36x18x18 Terrarium

If you are looking for a ball python enclosure, the Carolina custom cage is just the right choice. It is a budget-friendly option that offers several features for your ball python. It is a 40-gallon tank, the minimum amount of space required to house an adult ball python.

Key Features

  • Glass Terrarium
  • Key-locking System
  • Front Opening Door System
  • Screen Ventilation

One of the best features of the Carolina Custom Terrarium is that it is made out of glass. Glass-built cages are known for their heat-retaining properties. This makes it the perfect habitat to keep your ball python. The front opening doors are also helpful while feeding your pet and taking your ball python out of its enclosure.

The key locking system also makes it a secure option to consider. It will prevent mishaps such as your pet accidentally escaping the enclosure and hurting itself and making it a great option to consider if you have children or frequent visitors coming to your home.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good heat retention
  • Excellent security system
  • Front-opening doors provide easy access to pet
  • Budget-friendly as compared to other enclosures


  • Maybe small for an adult ball python
  • Lock security is good but not the best in the market

Final Verdict

If you are new to reptile keeping and are looking for a great enclosure that meets your pet’s needs, then Carolina Custom Cages 36x18x18 Terrarium is the best option for you. It is great at heat retention creating the best basking temperature for your pet. It is also easy to assemble and an affordable option in the market.

#2 – REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium

Repti 67-gallon glass terrarium is one of the great options to consider. It is larger than your average 40-gallon tank providing your ball python with more space to explore. A mesh screen top provides great ventilation flow, while the glass walls help retain heat in the tank.

Key Features

  • Made out of Glass
  • Double Hinged Door Mechanism
  • Screen Ventilation System
  • Raised bottom Frame

Having an enclosure with double hinged door is a blessing while hosting a ball python. It makes cleaning the tank or feeding your pet easier without worrying about it escaping. The raised bottom also allows for placing a heating lamp below the enclosure. Hence, making REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium a great option.


  • Enclosures made out f glass are excellent at retaining heat
  • The raised platforms allow you to put a heating mat below the enclosure
  • Double-hinged doors allow you to clean and feed your pet without any hassle


  • Might be hard to host a large-sized ball python
  • Hard to find terrarium stands for this enclosure

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a tank slightly larger than the minimum requirement for ball pythons, then Repti Zoo 67 gallon is the perfect option. It is budget-friendly and provides many features, such as a mesh screen top, double-hinged doors, and raised platform.

#3 – Oiibo 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium

If you compare our next option with our previous product, you might find it has the same volumetric size of 67 gallons. But its dimensions truly set it apart; the tank is 48 inches long—making it more luxurious than the 36 inches REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium.

The Oiibo 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium has a clean white finish making it a great accessory to your house. So if you are looking for a tank with a minimalistic aesthetic, this might be the right one for you.

Key Features

  • Made Out of Glass and Is Great at Retaining Heat
  • Sliding Door Functionality
  • Minimalistic White Frames
  • Screen Ventilation System

If you want an enclosure that looks and feels luxurious, then this enclosure is the perfect match for you. Oiibo 67-gallon glass terrarium has sliding door functionality, making it look sleek and providing a lot of space for your pet. Due to the extra space, you can decorate the terrarium to your heart’s desire.

Sliding doors also provide excellent functionality, making it easier to maintain the tank and feed your pet. Due to this feature, your ball python is less likely to get caught between the door hinges while trying to escape.


  • Glass walls allow the tank to stay warm and maintain the temperature inside the enclosure
  • Sliding doors makes it easier to look after your pet
  • The raised platform makes it easier for you to provide additional heating


  • It is more expensive compared to other tanks available in the market
  • White framed enclosures are prone to show more dirt than the black ones

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a functional yet aesthetical tank for your ball python, then the Oiibo 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium is just the right option for you. It provides your ball python with the right temperature and has sliding door features making it easier for you to tend to your pet’s needs.

#4 – REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

The Repti Zoo 85-gallon tank provides enough space to host any ball python. It has similar dimensions compared to Oiibo 67 Gallon Glass Terrarium and is two feet tall and eighteen inches wide.

This enclosure is made out of glass making it great at heat retention. This tank provides you with the perfect temperature to host a ball python. It also has great airflow due to its top-screen ventilation system.

Key Features

  • Made Out of Tempered Glass
  • Front Sliding Door System
  • Top Screen Ventilation System
  • Side Ventilation for Great Airflow

Due to the raised platform, it is easy to set a heating mat below the enclosure. Thus, providing your ball python with a perfect habitat to live in. It also has an anti-lock system, making it harder for your pet to escape the enclosure.


  • Sliding doors makes it easier to clean the tank and feed your pet
  • Enclosures made out of tempered glass are durable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to assemble


  • Two ventilation system might increase airflow but makes it hard to maintain humidity in the tank
  • More expensive than other enclosures in the market

Final Verdict

The REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Terrarium is a luxurious option to consider. It has a lot of room for your ball python and you will never have to worry about not having enough space. The only thing which it misses out is on maintaining humidity levels inside the enclosure.

#5 – REPTI ZOO 100 Gallon Large Reptile Terrarium

This enclosure tank is huge compared to your average terrarium. It is almost the same size as the 40-gallon tank but is twice as tall. The Repti Zoo 100 Gallon Terrarium provides you with a double door mechanism with lockable doors. It also provides you with various wire inlets for your lighting and heating of the tank.

Key Features

  • Vertical Enclosure
  • Glass Terrarium
  • Wire Inlets
  • Locking System

A vertical tank provides a unique aesthetic to your house and gives you plenty of room for decorations. Ball pythons are not great climbers but appreciate a large enclosure. The tank has wire inlets, making setting up heating lamps easier. It also has a locking mechanism making it a safe and fool-proof option to consider.


  • Multiple heating options
  • A vertical terrarium provides you with extra space
  • Built-in wire inlets make it easier to set up heating lamps


  • Vertical space can not be utilized by a ball python
  • It is not budget-friendly

Final Verdict

The  REPTI ZOO 100 Gallon Large Reptile Terrarium is a luxurious option to consider for your ball python. It is not only huge but is also pretty fun to decorate and set up in your house. It also comes along with several features making it worth the extra money.

What To Know Before Buying a Ball Python Enclosure

If you are new to housing a reptile, it is best to gain knowledge on which enclosure you should keep them in. Ball pythons are great house pets and require minimum care and effort. You should provide your pet with an enclosure that is secure, well-lit, and an appropriate size.

You should be aware of their behavioral and physical needs before making the final purchase. Here are a few things that you should know before buying a ball python enclosure.


ball python enclosure

You should always be careful about the size of the enclosure, as ball pythons might outgrow the tank they live in. An average ball python can grow up to five feet long and needs plenty of space to move freely. You should provide your pet with a tank about 36 inches long and 20 inches wide. 

It is always better to buy a tank that is large enough than to buy several tanks as your ball python grows older. Preferably you should invest in a tank that is 50 inches long and 25 inches wide. However, you will need to size up the enclosure if you want to house multiple ball pythons together.


ball python in glass enclosure

You will see several tanks in the market made out of PVC, plastic, wood, and glass. Each material offers advantages and disadvantages. Glass might be a safe option as it is effortlessly clean and visually appealing. Although, glass is not great at retaining heat like other materials and is also heavy than other terrariums.

Plastic tanks are perfect for traveling as they are lightweight but provide inadequate ventilation. Wooden enclosures are excellent at retaining heat and are very durable. PVC tanks are considered the best as they are light in weight, easy to clean, and very durable.


ball python enclosure with lighting

Ball pythons are nocturnal and do not require UVB lighting to regulate heat in their body. However, additional lighting can be provided to provide a proper sleeping cycle for your pet and to adore them while they slither inside the enclosure. A small bulb or a low-wattage heat emitter can provide them with additional heat without disrupting their natural habitat.


ball pythons in unlocked enclosure

Ball pythons are great at escaping their tank and wandering off into the wild. This makes having a built-in security feature in your tank essential. A locking mechanism will prevent your pet from escaping and keep them safe and secure. A sliding lock door mechanism is considered one of the best security features available in the market.


ball python enclosure with logs

You should also provide your ball python with enough hiding spots and branches to keep them happy. Small twigs, logs, and other decors help your pet stay busy and active in its enclosure. It also provides a comfortable environment for your pet as the enclosure mimics the natural habitat for your pet.


What kind of enclosure is considered best for ball pythons?

Enclosures made out of PVC are considered the best for a ball python. They are relatively expensive compared to glass, wooden, and plastic terrariums. They are also great at heat retention and provide your pet with a comfortable environment.

Is a 50-gallon enclosure too big for a ball python?

Young ball pythons require a 10-gallon enclosure. An adult ball python needs a 50-60 gallons enclosure to live comfortably. Forty gallons is the minimum requirement for an average-sized ball python, although they might not get enough space to move around inside the tank.

Final Thoughts

Housing a ball python can be fun, but you should know which enclosure best fits their needs. Ball pythons are easy to care for and have minimum requirements, making them the perfect house pets. 

You should provide them with an enclosure that is comfortable and meets all of their needs. You must consider the enclosure’s temperature, size, lighting, and security before making the final purchase.

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